About - Ralf Gugelmann

Obviously, I like being underwater...

I discovered scuba diving in Australia in 2001. Since then, I love this fascinating underwater world. Every time I dive into the blue, I discover unreal and weird species I've never seen before! Finally, I decided to take pictures of this creatures to share them with you.

I started underwater photography with a tiny little camera. These days I use a Nikon (SLR) in a Subal housing with two Inon flashlights. Despite this, I truly feel that it doesn't matter what kind of equipment you use. An outstanding underwater picture is created by planning, patience, a good eye for the animal and of course a little bit of luck you always need!

I would like to say thanks to my wife Karin for watching my back while I'm shooting pictures (you never know what's behind) and for being the best dive buddy in the world (she finds the small stuff and always has some air left) ...

I hope you enjoy my pictures and please feel free to share this page with people who also do like underwater photography!

More to come...


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